Here is where we start our journey.

Our Couple in France
George and June stop for a picture in Calais.

George and June in Spain
The sea bringing back those memories memories of sea-faring days gone by.

Musings on the 50 Years Together
What it all really means.

George and June at the Big Event
Here are the pictures of the 50th Anniversary celebration on November 7th.

George & June's Immortality
Check out George & June's contribution to the Coleman family tree.

Leave a Message for George & June
Add to the memories of George & June by leaving a message or signing the guest book.

George & June in France





The Golden '50' Button
If you click the Golden '50' button on the left, you will be provided with a slide show of some of George's war memories

The first batch of pictures is of ships, planes,and things of the sea.

The second batch is of Geroge and his fellow marines doing the serious work of war.

The thrid batch is of George and his buddies breaking loose.