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Our Couple in France
George and June stop for a picture in Calais.

George and June in Spain
The sea bringing back those memories memories of sea-faring days gone by.

Musings on the 50 Years Together
What it all really means.

George and June at the Big Event
Here are the pictures of the 50th Anniversary celebration on November 7th.

George & June's Immortality
Check out George & June's contribution to the Coleman family tree.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

Here is another little story that son, David, got from his dad about the wedding, 50 years ago ...

It was always customary to have a stag night before the big day here in the UK. I think you call them buck nights or maybe that's the Aussies. Anyway during dad's stag night they all went to a posh restaurant.

Dad, Johnny, and at least 30 friends were there. So they all had a meal and good booze up till the early hours of the next morn. There was only one catch. Who was going pay the check: Dad, Johnny (The Best Man) or someone else?

It got to about 2:00 a.m., and they were all no worse for wear. So the usual thing was to DO A RUNNER and NOT pay the bill at all. So up they all jumped and legged it as fast as they could down the road.

The next morning dad and Johnny turned up on time at church. (By the way they both got married in the same church.) There was a photographer waiting to take picture of the BEST Man and groom. As they took the long walk down the path to the church, the photographer was taking pictures walking backwards.

Low and behold there were the 30 friends ALL behind the photographer. They were all singing the army song when the army guys go on a long march, something like "left, right, 1, 2, left, right, 3, 4." So you can imagine both Johnny and dad couldn't keep a straight face when the photographer was taking pictures before they finally walked down the aisle.













How the Coleman Sons See It: Gold Beyond Measure

Today is November 6, 2004,
the day of your 50th anniversary celebration;
we, your children, would like to honour you both,
with this deep heartfelt token of our appreciation.

With your love, you created us,
and we'd like to say thanks from the four,
George, Jeffrey, Steven, and David;
we will all love you for evermore.

Because we’ve had such great inspiration,
your example's been a steady light,
your care for each other is unending,
and your love for us has kept on shining bright.

We, your sons, proudly carry the Coleman name,
and yes, we can see things differently as we've grown;
you've passed onto us your very best qualities
that we can now share with families of our own.

You’ve never failed to be there for us,
and we’ve always known that we’re never alone;
we’re so grateful for all your wonderful support,
and for all the love that you’ve shown.

We hope and trust we can instil in our children,
the Coleman common sense that you in us have done,
and show them the faith, hope, love, and loyalty;
and just like you, be to our children, their morning sun.

You are the most steadfast, loving, caring parents
and as grandparents, simply put, you are the best,
if life ever was to be an examination,
with flying colours, you’ve very much passed the test.

We don’t get to choose our parents
and parents can’t choose how their children turn out;
we really believe we got the best end of the deal,
because you’ve shown us four what caring is about.

And there’s one last thing we’d like to say,
before this heartfelt testimonial ends,
you’ve been much more than just parents,
you’ve been like our lifelong best friends.

So we’d just like to wish you a happy 50th Anniversary,
that’s really what these words are for,
here’s to you Mum, here’s to you Dad, you're golden,
and here’s to at least another fifty more.

With all our love, George, Jeffrey, Steven, and David
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003




The Anniversary Calculator
1st: paper
2nd: cotton
3rd: leather
4th: fruit and flower; linen
5th: wood
6th: sugar and sweet; iron
7th: wool; copper
8th: bronze and rubber
9th: pottery and willow
10th: tin; aluminum

11th: steel
12th: silk and fine linen
13th: lace
14th: ivory
15th: crystal
16th: peridot
17th: watch
18th: cat's eye
19th: aquamarine
20th: china

25th: silver
30th: pearls; ivory
35th: coral; jade
40th: rubies
45th: sapphires

50th: gold

55th: emeralds

60th: diamonds
The Diamond isn't far off